Fans scored a commemorative goal of up to $50000

Because of MLB’s tradition, fans have the right to keep their own home runs, especially when Heidegger learned that this baseball has such an extraordinary significance, he decided to keep this baseball for good collection. But after a few days, Heidegger had a good idea. He thought that the ball should be given to Marquis or left in the MLB Hall of fame, so that the baseball could realize its full value and significance.

As a result, heides personally delivered the ball to the MLB Hall of fame last month. In addition, the fan also revealed some anecdotes: from May 9 to now, including the Los Angeles Angels, there have been numerous enthusiastic fans calling to buy the baseball as a collection, with a price once as high as $50000. But Heidegger’s heart is not touched by money. As a pure baseball fan, he just wants the baseball to go back to where it should go, because it is much more meaningful than money.