Eagle hired Connor Baldwin as special assistant to general manager

Connor barwin will move from the front seven to the front.

On Friday, us time, the eagle officially announced that it would hire former defensive end forward Connor barwin as its special assistant to the general manager. Baldwin will “help the personnel department to find talents” and “focus on the development and cultivation of players”.

“I don’t play anymore, but my football career is not over,” Baldwin said. I want to continue to participate. I want to help the team as much as possible to learn the operation knowledge behind the game. There’s a lot I can learn on the court. I still want to win the super bowl, more than once. “

Baldwin spent 10 years in the NFL, four of which worked for the eagles. He has completed 466 tackles, 56.5 tackles and 6 forced throws in his career. Now he will help Howie Roseman continue to tap the eagles’ potential.