Durant fans realized

Because the thunder can’t climb to the fourth place without the ground bar, it’s impossible to meet the warriors. So, who do you think these people are? Whose fans stand on. It goes without saying that the thunder warriors fans, curry Durant fans realized that I can say very directly that the thunder team is terrible. I don’t want to meet the thunder in advance. There are rockets to say. I personally think the West. The two teams are the most able to fight with the warriors. The other teams are basically the ones who are cut by the warriors. If you play 4-1, even if it’s a big favor to you, basically, up to 4-2, you can admit your greatness. If you are a pioneer team, you can play. At the same time, it’s four to two, right? Two to four. We’ve already acknowledged your greatness. Haha, basically, it’s like this. Then we didn’t say in our program that the Rockets must take the second place. It’s just that the Rockets can climb to the second and beat the thunder until the eighth season.

Meet the warriors ahead of time, so that the warriors can fight for opportunities and time for the Rockets in the attrition war and the attrition war in the playoffs. This is very important. Now, don’t worry. Thunder may also come to the eighth season. Well, I haven’t calculated this, because, er, the competition system of each year has changed in the past two years, and I haven’t studied it carefully. Then I just judge through common sense, who is in the front and who is in the later in the case of equal record, so it is possible for a and B teams.

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