Thick eyebrow elder brother, manifests is it is an outstanding single room player

Defensive player, but I think that in the finals or this year’s playoffs, what nongmeige showed is that he is not only an excellent single room player, but also a very efficient directional player of the system, especially in the last few games, especially for Jimi Butler’s single room, especially after three games, we asked you two about this.

What else needs to be adjusted? In fact, one of the points that Eminem said at that time was the defense problem of the Lakers for Jimi Butler. In fact, Walker also heard our program, right? Immediately after our program, he adjusted the defense of Butler, which made a-di take more responsibility for helping. I think this is also a series This one in the competition.

The trend has turned to a very important point. It’s very creative to use a tall inside line to defend the other side’s flanking knife. In fact, before this NBA, there were many unicorns, the bozingis was a unicorn, and the alphabet song might be a unicorn, but few people mentioned Anthony Davis.

At that time, it will pass. This time, the playoffs and the finals let me feel that Anthony Davis is really a unicorn, and his performance in the defensive end is something I have never seen in history. No player can lead the other side’s guard and flank in the outside like him.

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Bring the team into overtime, in fact, the championship trophy may not be won

The championship trophy is also faced with a very big challenge from the thunder. In the following 13 years, it can be said that he won such a championship trophy that he should have lost. Facing the Spurs, he was 5 points behind with eight seconds left in the sixth game. If it wasn’t for Ray Allen’s three victories today.

In fact, the championship trophy may not be won if the team is brought into extra time. In the second year after returning to Cavaliers in 2016, he led Cavaliers to finish in the situation of being 1-3 behind, which can be said to be the biggest reversal in the history of the finals in the seventh game.

No.13: the strongest warriors in history won the championship trophy at home. In fact, that trophy is one of the few in history in terms of weight and difficulty. This year, although many fans will say that the Lakers did not encounter any real challenge in the whole playoff journey, we think it is traditional.

It’s good to meet a strong team, the clippers or the reindeer, but it has to be said that the Lakers have played in every round. It can be said that they have normal or beyond the level of performance, especially the heat, not to mention the challenges in and out of the field in this bubble environment

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As like as two peas this season, I think it’s very difficult to get into the East.

So next season, I think their bottom line should be to pass the second round of the playoffs. If they can pass the second round of the playoffs, they have already completed their tasks. If, they can, they will be considered as good results. I think this entry into the finals should be the goal of the 76ers’ team next season, but.

If the team as like as two peas in this season, I think it’s a very difficult thing to enter the East and I think the team needs to be rebuilt. In fact, it is more long-term. Indeed, there are many talented young people on the team, but it is the salary space of the team. Now it is the most urgent action for the league, but next season.

All the wages on the team’s books add up, is it the second highest in the league in the off-line season or the second highest in the league? The next season is already the highest salary list of the league. In a modern League, the salary cap will shrink now, and the team’s income is very urgent.

Every year, one of the highest wages in the Avengers League still plays basketball. Oh, I am satisfied with basketball after the first round this year. I think this is something that any boss can’t accept. Moreover, the team now has two young people who are playing in the same year, and the transaction value is very high. If I put these two people together now and together for one year, it will be a year to make up the gap.

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He was on the Suns at his peak

The other thing I want to say is that at that time, we knew that he was at the peak of his career under dantoni, so his style of playing was mainly offensive. He must have learned a lot from him in this cave, and we know that the nets played against Cavaliers after the return of Owen and Durant The offensive weapon is.

It’s very, very rich, so I think it’s very likely that Durant Owen will be fully developed in this respect at that time, including lewell and low positioning. If we can maximize the offensive ability of these players, we will be the most ornamental team in the League next season.

I don’t want to contact with you. In fact, I would like to add that in the history of NBA, a successful coach has been transformed from a player. I think a very important factor is the player’s basketball IQ, so there is always room for this role transformation, so I think that is in this aspect.

There are advantages and without exaggeration, that he should be the NBA in the past 20 or 30 years of all the players who have played basketball, basketball IQ must be in the first level, so if any other player to immediately change careers in the first year, coach ah, there is no real coaching or assistant coach experience at all.

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At that time, I thought it was really suitable for the Lakers

At that time, I thought this was really suitable for the Lakers, but I think it’s like Schroeder’s performance in the playoffs is worthy of everyone’s trust. I think it’s a bit of a question mark now. First of all, Rondo may not renew his contract with the Lakers this season, like his price in the market.

Although it is very, very high has been coaxed to such a high level that it suddenly has to give up chasing. So if you want to use Schroeder to replace Rondo’s performance in the playoffs last season, I think this task is not fun for life. First of all, his defense is definitely not as good as Rondo’s, and the other is.

We can say that last season when we played against the Rockets in the playoffs, I remember that this blossom seemed to be very supportive and I like it very much. This is the performance of Schroeder of the thunder team. I remember that I was very angry with him at that time. Can’t we say that I was angry with him? It made me feel a little frustrated because of last season.

He played against the Lakers in the first round. You can see, Paul’s assists are not the same as Paul at his peak. Although the efficiency is still high and the score is still there, the team’s right to fire is basically given to one person. At that time, I thought that Schroeder almost felt that the data was very good.

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To a perfect career to draw a more perfect period on the surface

His love of basketball? In April 2016, he used all his strength to slash 60 points in the game against the jazz. He led the Laker team to stand up and drew a more perfect end to a perfect career. On the surface, it was just two teams that were not destined.

Customers in the team at the end of the regular season do meaningless struggle, Kobe’s existence to let, the significance of this game, far more than this, he became a carnival of Los Angeles fans, he reminds them of Kobe’s ability to create miracles.

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It is unrealistic to lock Isaiah Thomas in this whole series

I insisted on his infinite turn, so that he couldn’t find the rhythm of the game he was used to, and he couldn’t get a chance to easily shoot through the screen or cutting. But there is no doubt that it is unrealistic to lock up Isaiah Thomas in this whole series of games by such a method.

Cough Thomas, known as the surface, the strongest 175 is not simply because of her outstanding skills or skills, or for these, the most important thing is its high basketball IQ. In the last four games, his attack may not be more efficient than the first two games, but he has done more in controlling mistakes and connecting teams.

When he fell asleep, he delivered more assists, stronger and less forced carry team, but the team was better. In the third game, he guided the whole process, with only 38% of the shooting rate of 16 points, and the team won 17 points with 9 assists and 2 turnovers. This is the series. And as he has to be clear to everyone, Celtic’s strength does not necessarily depend on how many points he has achieved, but as a team’s strength.

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McLean says it’s like a tiger coming out of the cage

But the change of the ro But the role change is related le is related. Mikron said it was like a tiger out of the cage I have been waiting for a long time. Indeed, as mclem said, he seems to have been in a state of silence in the past two seasons. In fact, Michael, who just entered the league, has been a psychological quality.

The players with mature playing skills are just like everyone thinks he joined and is in the future of the pioneer. Michael has been absent for six weeks in the rookie season because of foot injury. Such goods have brought great influence on mclem and he is the team after he is injured.

Being put on the team, the Development League of subordinate is how unfair treatment it is for a top 10 top players, and what’s more, self-esteem and strong. Mike love won’t be able to usher in his first show in NBA until November 2014.

He felt that he had been exhausted but was once again isolated from the team’s tactical system by the manager. Because the team mainly depended on the first five tigers, support, mclemo had a skill but no place to use, and then in the rotation of Michael Jackson pioneers.

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It’s more than half the number one Jabbar in history

That’s more than half of what Jabbar, the No. 1 player in history, has seen for some time that the most aggressive Kobe Bryant of the current players is being dragged down by injuries to catch up with the record.

But not the current total assists, the total assists is 5535, ranking 41st in NBA history, sixth in the list of players in the letter, distance ranked 38 in history, Michael Jordan, 56005633, only 9098.

His current total rebounds is 5793, ranking the first 163 times in NBA history. However, compared with other small forwards, his rebounds are very high compared with other small forwards. Don’t forget that he still has four MVP awards.

What more achievements can James achieve? Especially for the unprecedented reasons. Part of the reason is that he entered the League very early. He was in 6877 days.

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Its origin, the perfect shooting position

Its origin, the most perfect shooting posture, created the most difficult black eight miracle, Alan Houston, Houston is basketball, Dad, you are the basketball coach, in this case. This is a child’s life. When she was one year old, her father took her to the school library to play ball games. When she was able to write to tell you.

When I was six years old, I was strict. If I didn’t reach the goal, I would punish myself for running and continue to throw stones. In addition, I failed. Thank you very much for saying that to me. To my father, I am all he has, everything I have now.

When I was in college, my father taught in Houston, especially in the last game, but he was still 11th in the first round.

More than 20 days, averaging 19 minutes of playing time, disappeared and were distributed to five people the following year. To modify their bodies to adapt to new roles, but like Houston, tourism plays. The average playing time increased to 36.9 minutes. I finally got to the point where I averaged 22 points and 3-point shooting rate was 4 times 2. A rare opportunity to have enough playing time and give me enough playing stage, which is what I have been looking forward to for a long time. Value Grant Hill.

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