Bucks big Sammy knife!

Now it’s reported that Middleton is staying. No problem. As we said before, it’s impossible to go. How many tons can go? Bloom and Gordon leave is also a very small probability. The Bucks this season, this summer, is to deal with these contracts well. How many tons are 178 million in five years and have not received the base salary. You are almost the same. The children’s songs are almost the same. For the good purchase of the team and the success of next year, you have to figure out the contract of Kun Bao. You can’t make the contract of letter Kun Bo smaller,

31.8, ah, blog, all 20 million, ah, Middleton’s, well, 30 million plus, such a Kun Bao, next year’s contract, then leave these three players, other players, that doesn’t matter, ah, can, trade, bradeso, that’s even better. If the deal doesn’t come, let’s see if it can. Sharing the mainland, configuration, ah, now, the news is too much, um, he is really too much. Excuse me, the player is too much to watch. A little bit, but your landing knight is already an accurate one and needs to leave the road repair team. Ah, it’s a pity

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