Brave men fail Durant!

Let’s discuss Durant’s injury problem, Durant’s injury problem, and then talk about his personal views on warriors. The fans of curry, their views, ah, who has the opinion of curry, you have to look at Thomson. It’s just the view of the warriors, which is extremely evil, er, a word, ah, blah blah, direct, everywhere. The theme of this program, ah, extreme, evil, um, how to say. Well, I personally think, after watching this video repeatedly, I think, er, if it’s what I said from the manager, it’s the Achilles tendon injury. How come there are only two kinds of Achilles tendon tear or root tip exercise.

Well, I believe Durant fans don’t want to. If one or two of them must be chosen, e, Achilles tendon tear, I can barely accept it, but those who go and watch this action repeatedly, this high-speed camera playback, leg shaking is quite serious. The lower leg, shaking, quite severe, er, and before the force, ah, before the law, or in a static state, shaking in the static state, well, the possibility of Achilles tendon rupture should be. French Achilles tendon tear, but, through Durant’s expression, we can see that there is not too much pain, because generally speaking, the Achilles tendon tear or exercise will definitely hurt, it will certainly hurt, so it is very likely that the nerve endings. He is in a state of paralysis. Why is he in a state of paralysis? I, now we should be able to distinguish clearly. Ah, Durant probably was forced to accept it, and a lethal needle was injected

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