A warrior’s life is thin and his fortune is shallow!

Let’s talk about, um, the third game between the Raptors and the warriors. Er, let’s talk about the players’ injury list. It’s already out. As we said before, ah, then Rooney of the rockets and warriors, ah, this rib cartilage fracture, um, indefinite suspension, there are many reports before the game that said it’s OK, X-ray examination is negative, no structure, damage, nothing, right, many. It’s all rumor. It’s all rumor. The cold hasn’t been checked yet. It hasn’t been tested by MRI. How can you evaluate it? It’s OK. Don’t believe in science. Ah, just believe in your own handwriting.

Yes, pseudo science, ha ha, don’t believe in science, so now it’s an indefinite suspension. I just said that, I can’t come out, ah, fracture, whether you are cartilage or hard bone, no matter which bone fracture you have, can’t come out, right? I believe there are friends who have broken bones should know. If you don’t say it now, it doesn’t make any sense to pay for reimbursement. If you don’t, you have to pay wrong before reimbursement. Ah, with this, smoke bombs may still be able to fight and roar, but the opponent will definitely not be able to fight. If it is true, now, oh, I don’t know whether Yongshi team is honest or not. Right? If you are honest, for example, there are two things. First, Rooney must not be able to play, right? Don’t think about it. First, Rooney is not the key to win. Turn over, it used to be. Second, Thomson, it’s a hamstring strain now. If it’s true, the situation is the third game. He can’t fight. Ah, I told him clearly that he can’t fight when he gets up. He says that it’s not good to fight. He also says that he can fight with injuries. This is not a matter of a word. It doesn’t mean that you can fight with me if you take it

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