As like as two peas this season, I think it’s very difficult to get into the East.

So next season, I think their bottom line should be to pass the second round of the playoffs. If they can pass the second round of the playoffs, they have already completed their tasks. If, they can, they will be considered as good results. I think this entry into the finals should be the goal of the 76ers’ team next season, but.

If the team as like as two peas in this season, I think it’s a very difficult thing to enter the East and I think the team needs to be rebuilt. In fact, it is more long-term. Indeed, there are many talented young people on the team, but it is the salary space of the team. Now it is the most urgent action for the league, but next season.

All the wages on the team’s books add up, is it the second highest in the league in the off-line season or the second highest in the league? The next season is already the highest salary list of the league. In a modern League, the salary cap will shrink now, and the team’s income is very urgent.

Every year, one of the highest wages in the Avengers League still plays basketball. Oh, I am satisfied with basketball after the first round this year. I think this is something that any boss can’t accept. Moreover, the team now has two young people who are playing in the same year, and the transaction value is very high. If I put these two people together now and together for one year, it will be a year to make up the gap.

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He was on the Suns at his peak

The other thing I want to say is that at that time, we knew that he was at the peak of his career under dantoni, so his style of playing was mainly offensive. He must have learned a lot from him in this cave, and we know that the nets played against Cavaliers after the return of Owen and Durant The offensive weapon is.

It’s very, very rich, so I think it’s very likely that Durant Owen will be fully developed in this respect at that time, including lewell and low positioning. If we can maximize the offensive ability of these players, we will be the most ornamental team in the League next season.

I don’t want to contact with you. In fact, I would like to add that in the history of NBA, a successful coach has been transformed from a player. I think a very important factor is the player’s basketball IQ, so there is always room for this role transformation, so I think that is in this aspect.

There are advantages and without exaggeration, that he should be the NBA in the past 20 or 30 years of all the players who have played basketball, basketball IQ must be in the first level, so if any other player to immediately change careers in the first year, coach ah, there is no real coaching or assistant coach experience at all.

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