Fight for Air & Asthma Walk Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Walk Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Looking for a creative or funny team name to add to your asthma event t-shirts? Whether it’s for the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb or a local asthma run/walk, we’ve been collecting some of our favorite team names from our customers and have come up with a few clever ones of our own—all to help inspire you and your team! Once you have your name picked out, or design your own t-shirts, hats, or more in our online design lab!

Funny & Creative Fight for Air/Asthma Walk Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Fresh Air

Breath Mints

The Lung and the Restless

Wheeze No More


Oxygen Advocates

Pushing it to the Limit

Taking Charge

Light on Our Feet

Breathe EZ

Heavy Breathers

Breathtaking Beauties


Take My Breath Away

Lil Wheezy

Albuterol or Bust

So Xopenex

We Belung Together

Can’t We Get Alung?

Puff Puff Pavement Pounders

IronOnSticker Celebrates the 100th Birthday of the T-Shirt

Since 1913 the t-shirt, which first appeared as standard-issue gear within the U.S. Navy, has become an essential part of the American wardrobe and identity. To commemorate the occasion, IronOnSticker has announced a national celebration of the t-shirt’s 100th birthday. The campaign includes surveys and conversations with Americans about their beloved tees, a webpage dedicated to the t-shirt’s 100th birthday, a gallery of the most iconic t shirts of all-time, and launching this summer, an augmented reali-TEE app.100th Birthday T shirts

“No doubt the t-shirt has a special place in fashion history,” said IronOnSticker’s co-founder & president, Marc Katz. “But t-shirts are unlike any other item of clothing. They have this incredible power to bring us together and tell our story. That’s why we cherish them and why they stand the test of time. It’s also why we do what we do at IronOnSticker and why we’re inviting America to recognize and celebrate a century of t-shirts.”

America’s Love Affair with the T-Shirt

T-shirts are indeed part of the fabric of American society. IronOnSticker recently commissioned a survey of 1,000 representative Americans over the age of 18 that revealed:

95% of Americans wear t-shirts
89% of t-shirt wearing Americans put on a tee at least once a week
9 in every 10 Americans (87%) own at least one t-shirt they refuse to “trash” because of sentimental attachment.

In fact, on average, people have 13 t-shirts they hold onto for that reason. Most commonly, these shirts are from a group of which they were a member, or shirts commemorating a major event. And 76% of Americans report they would have a stronger emotional connection with a shirt that they or someone they knew custom-designed, versus a shirt that was mass-produced.

These statistics are not surprising to Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, clinical psychologist and author of You Are What You Wear.

“Customized apparel is a way of expressing ourselves in a world where so much is mass-marketed. We want to be unique,” Baumgartner commented. “At the same time, wearing a shirt custom made for your group is an identifier that you are part of the same clan. Throughout history, humans have dressed alike to indicate a bond. Much like tribal costumes or coats of arms, custom t-shirts give people a sense of belonging.”

Baumgartner also notes that it is human nature to infuse a t-shirt with emotional significance. “We’re more likely to bond with others when we share an emotional event with them. T-shirts from groups or occasions become a concrete representation of that emotion. We infuse a spirit of a memory or time in our lives to an inanimate object.”
A Birthday Celebration

Given the significance of the t-shirt in American society, IronOnSticker has planned a fitting celebration. Birthday activities from now through the end of the summer include:

– An interactive birthday website on which guests can celebrate the life of the t-shirt by browsing:

A timeline of major milestones in the history of the t-shirt, from its transition from underwear to outerwear, to the first political tee, the tie die craze and more.
IronOnSticker’s gallery of the 100 most iconic t-shirts of all time (premiering in late April)
Video messages from t-shirt loving Americans (online this spring)

– A campaign to fundraise for our troops, honoring the military origins of the t-shirt and our country’s service men and women. Each month between now and the summer, IronOnSticker will feature a limited-edition, custom-designed t-shirt representing each branch of our military — designed by service members. Proceeds from the sale of the shirts will benefit the Yellow Ribbon Fund, Inc., which supports members of our armed forces recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and their families. The first featured t-shirt, representing the U.S. Navy, is available from now through the end of April, and was designed by Captain David Tarantino — a Navy doctor who earned the Navy Marine Corps Medal for his heroic actions at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

– Shirt-sharing: What t-shirt stole your heart? Share and hashtag pics (#TTurns100) and your t-shirt love stories.
Weekly contests, in which followers can test their t-shirt knowledge and win special prizes

– An Augmented Reali-TEE App: Coming this summer to great American landmarks around the county, the app will allow the public to design the perfect custom tee to outfit figures like Lady Liberty and the presidents on Mount Rushmore.

-Special offer on custom t-shirts for birthday celebrations from now until 9/30/2013. Design a custom t-shirt for a birthday celebration and use voucher: CELEBRATE at checkout to receive a free “Happy Birthday to Me” tee with purchase (on a six shirt minimum order).

To take part in the festivities, t-shirt lovers should visit, where they can follow the fun on social media and receive campaign updates.

Triathlon Sayings and Quotes Iron On Stickers for T-Shirts & Jerseys

Triathlon t shirt Sayings Quotes

compiled a list of inspiring and fun sayings/quotes, which we think are a great addition to your support signs, jerseys, and even custom triathlon t-shirts, which you can make here at Iron On Sticker. So check out our list below, and feel free to add any of your personal favorites to the comments section.

Inspiring and Funny Triathlon Sayings & Quotes

You never know until you Tri.

A triathlon doesn’t build character. It reveals it.

“The body can always do more than the mind thinks it can.”
-David Horton

Today is the day that defines me as a champion.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
-Winston Churchill

“A winner is a loser who was willing to fail and get up, fail and get up, fail and get up, fail and get up and win.”
-Peter Zafra

If you can read this, stand me back up.

Need more cowbell!

If you can’t win, make the person ahead of you break the record.

Triathletes: Amazing, incredible, extraordinary.

“Prior Preparation & Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”
-Rodger Penske

Step Team Names Iron On Sticker for Step Squad T-Shirts

step team t shirt iron on transfer

As a member of a Step team, you have a lot riding on your dance skills, but a great team name and t-shirt is essential too. With competitions taking place all over the country, rep is important. So choose one of these names (name iron on transfer for a tee), design a tee, and get to steppin’.

SWAG – Steppers With a Groove

We Bring Tha Heat

Stella Steppers

STEP – Sick Tricks, Elite Peepz

Hot Chili Steppers

Steppin’ Out

Led Steppin’

Your Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift

Everyone’s looking for that perfect gift for the holidays – to give and to receive. You know, the one that won’t get thrown in the back of the dresser or closet; the one that won’t be put away and only brought out on “special occasions” (i.e. when the gift giver is around); the one followed by the heart-breaking, slow-motion response of “oh…wow…thanks…I never would have thought to ask for this…thanks.”  Well I’m here to save you this holiday. Save you from yourself and save you from your friends. Here are some great gift ideas that everyone will love to wear.

Custom Tees Make Great Gifts!

Throw a favorite quote, cartoon, or saying onto any number of our no minimum t-shirts and you have unique t-shirt gifts for everyone on your list. The Gildan Ultra Cotton T is a great choice as it has the most extensive color offering – 47 colors to be exact – of any no minimum style. Also, this 100% cotton style comes in YXS to 4XL (in select colors), which makes it a great fit for anyone. For a trendier fit, check out the American Apparel Jersey T. This 100% superfine cotton, lightweight tee is ultra comfortable and is one of our best sellers.
Need something for a specific person? Have no fear – I’m here to help…
Parents and Grandparents

Parents and grandparents love to talk about their kids and grandkids to anyone who will listen. Why not make them proud with your gift-giving skills (and make them forget about that thing you did that didn’t make them so proud) by creating a “#1 Mom” or “Grandpas are the best!” t-shirt? A style great for Grandmas and Moms alike is the Hanes Her Way Ladies T. With colors like Pink and Pear Green, Moms and Grandmas will be glowing with pride in this 100% preshrunk cotton shirt. Dads and Grandpas will be just as pleased with your choice for them – the Hanes Beefy-T Long-sleeve. This 6.1 oz 100% ringspun cotton tee is just what the men in your life are looking for.
Children and Kids

T-shirts are a great break from the typical toy-giving. While the child in question may have preferred the NERF N-Strike Stampede ECS Blaster, their parents will surely thank you for this thoughtful (and much less destructive) gift. And we’ve got you covered for all ages with styles like the Hanes Youth Tagless T, the Gildan Toddler Ultra Cotton T, and, for the littlest ones, the Bella Infant Ringer Onesie.

So now let’s get serious. It’s great to be the #1 gift-giver, but it’s also great to receive awesome gifts. So why not drop the not-so-subtle hint to those closest to you that you would love it if someone gave you the gift of a personalized t-shirt or hoody, like the Hanes Hooded Sweatshirt? You can follow up by explaining to them that a quality sweatshirt, complete with pouch pocket and drawstring hood, would be an ideal gift that you would surely not return. Or cut out the middle man and just order it for yourself, put your name on the tag and tell yourself, “Thanks! It’s exactly what I wanted!”

Happy Gifting Everyone!

Make T shirts Personal!

Make T shirts Personal

What has two thumbs, great taste, and stands out in a crowd? You, in your personalized t-shirt or hoodie.

The shirts I love the most are the ones that have my name on them. Except the neon green polos my uncle made for our family trip to Ireland; those were a bit rough.

When personalization is paired with a great design, people who see you will know you are part of something great – whether it’s an awesome rec team, the best cabin at camp, craziest family, or closest group of friends. What they don’t know is how quick and easy it is to make each person in your group shine!

You can add personalization to any sweatshirt, t-shirt, or long sleeved shirt. You can put it on the front or back of your design, rock it on your hood for a street style, or place it down the sleeve for an athletic look. You can even coordinate the font to the rest of your one-of-a-kind artwork for a coherent design.