It was a fierce game. The Pacers and Celtics had three minutes left in the third quarter, 80-80, but it was very fierce. I guess ah, I think, ah, finally, to reach the final moment, we said before, then we don’t talk about the team outside the playoffs. Ha, there is no need to talk about it. There are not many fans and no one cares about it. Now we will focus on the mutual relationship between these teams within the post-season. The 16 teams, that is to say, the long-term team is ah, er, a little bit. Basically, the 76ers vs. the Pacers and the Celtics have become a group. So we can say in advance, then we can say.

You don’t want to see the Pacers finish playing football, but this team is still very tenacious. He doesn’t rely on the ability of other players’ stars, the brilliance of this star, and so on. It just depends on the strategy and tactics. It’s not totally wrong. These players, er, er, how to say that they have self-knowledge, know their own essence, know how much their ability is, and display their greatest ability. That’s why I have reached the present level. Good results, including last year, are the same. How can Celtic team not go up but down instead? Now they run to the fifth position in the East. With so many excellent young players, including Owen, this team is not as good as expected. The essence of the team, ah, was slowly found out, saw him, revealed the background color, saw the true colors of these teams, what kind of team are they

The walkers and Celtic must be a bloodbath!