100% only waiting for signing!

These rumors have become less and less, and now there are some new York Knicks. That’s all, that’s all. With the announcement of this news today, the education of the eagles and the warriors has been improved. Basically, it can be judged that 100% Durant will stay in the warriors for at least the next season, at least for the next season. I think it is reasonable to sign a 1 + 4 contract. Ah, it is normal to sign a qualitative contract for five years. Why do you say that.

I can see that my netizens have left a message, right or wrong. I personally think, ah, something has happened. There are three new players in the second round of signing. This year, there are three rookies. Right? It’s to leave space for Durant and Thomson’s contract. In fact, it’s half right. That’s a wrong interpretation. It’s not like this. We have to know, ah, if we sign Durant, if Thompson signs curry now, and aquili has signed the top salary, and every team of Thomson Brant has reached the top salary of three players, which team is basically out of space, right? If we want to fake it. Under the operation, only the rookie veteran and, middle class, contract can fill all the 15 contracts of the team. Then the contract of veteran with base salary is basically impossible. These fellow villagers can only get very low salary.

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