It can be said that this is a constant record

Well, there are 35000 left behind, and there are 33000 left behind by Kobe, right? Kobe has a record. The youngest 33000 asked the record, right? 33000 points. Next season, James will kill him.

Ah, well, so it’s very harsh to ask for a lot of conditions. Very, very, harsh, it can be said that this is a constant record. We always say that it’s hard to break the record, that is, it’s very difficult to break the short record. Even if it’s Chamberlain’s single game, the season’s second position, Chamberlain’s single game 100 points, if you want to break it, I believe that Durant curry has this ability.

Regardless of the team, harden, ah, and so on, they all have this ability. If they win the make-up exam against the team, they will throw it madly and always recognize 100 points. I believe they have this ability, right? But do you want to throw it to 40000 branches?

If the 76ers are overturned in the first round

The difference is more than three percentage points, the difference is more than three times, the difference is more than three percentage points, the difference is more than three times, the difference is more than three times, the difference is more than three times, the difference is more than three times, the difference is more than three times. Originally, Simmons, he won’t throw, right? He can’t be blamed for nothing more. Other players can’t throw, right? They can’t defend their opponents even if they have the same number of shots.

They can’t fight against each other in Boban. The small team can’t fight against the extremely accurate outside line of the opponent. Ah, so Boban can’t, up, down, even after one game. If he still plays like this, it’s coach Brown’s level. If the 76ers are overturned in the first round, he’ll make the following mistakes. I can say that coach Brown will be out of class immediately in ten days, no doubt. Signing a contract is like throwing it into the water.

This kind of coach destroys the CD and the earth. Of course, we have to say, ah, we should see, ah, these professional players, these professional coaches should see the problem. So, ah, we say that the player of BOCOG is about to play for two or three minutes.

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We have reached the position of the western region

The head is three stars, and Murray is injured, right, mills, and so on. Well, well, it can be said that he has made good use of the two ends of xiaogei. Mars is right, there is no end between the two ends, right? As we said before, the position of the Rockets.

The position of the rockets and the position of the Spurs are very wonderful, very wonderful, the Spurs are also like this. We can use the players in the No.1 position, so many small players, so many small balls. We say that all small players can use them well. This season, we have reached the position of the western region. In the case that many people are not optimistic about it, some people say that Murray, some people say that after Leonard and Green left, the Spurs collapsed and couldn’t play in the playoffs. You have a try.

In fact, the fact proves that these people’s vision is to see things wrong. Wrong, spurs right, we believe spurs, we believe in the crisis step by step, chose the right Spurs team, Popovich into the playoffs, and even may turn over, Nuggets hit the second round Avenue, the second round to play thunder, hit the second round to play thunder and blazers winner.

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Davis in the first round of the next four years

Excluding, before the 4th, let’s first exclude line 4, before the first round of the next year, ah, before the first round of the next year, it’s impossible to exchange Anthony Davis in the first round of the next four years. Why? Because Anthony Davis’s transaction value is weakening with the passage of time.

It’s declining. We told you before that Minmin is right. It’s actually stupid, right? He just removed the general manager. The general manager of the color team of the Lakers, the operation officer, the operation president and so on. We don’t care about his name. We just removed it to give you a signal. What’s the nature? It’s both sides.

There is a deal to be made, but the intention has not been reached. The boss is angry with them, ah, the actor is angry with them, and then they withdraw. Therefore, the bosses on both sides have the intention to make an exchange, just on the issue of bargaining chips.

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The most important thing is to find out the reasons

There are losers. Even if you lose the game, it’s not good for nothing, because there is only one winner, and others are losers. Among the losers, the most important thing is to find out the reasons for the failure and try to be prepared.

Welcome more, is there a problem with victory? No problem, like the rocket harden Paul can achieve such a record, such a result of 65 wins in the league, the first and such an invincible Warriors team can reach the wall paint is not easy.

In addition to the performance of HA, Deng and MVP, with an average score of 36 points, Wang, what else do you want to be demanding? I don’t understand. Compared with before, after Yao Ming entered the NBA, it’s better to match with the Rockets Yao Mai combination in that era, and the modern rockets.

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Thick eyebrow elder brother, manifests is it is an outstanding single room player

Defensive player, but I think that in the finals or this year’s playoffs, what nongmeige showed is that he is not only an excellent single room player, but also a very efficient directional player of the system, especially in the last few games, especially for Jimi Butler’s single room, especially after three games, we asked you two about this.

What else needs to be adjusted? In fact, one of the points that Eminem said at that time was the defense problem of the Lakers for Jimi Butler. In fact, Walker also heard our program, right? Immediately after our program, he adjusted the defense of Butler, which made a-di take more responsibility for helping. I think this is also a series This one in the competition.

The trend has turned to a very important point. It’s very creative to use a tall inside line to defend the other side’s flanking knife. In fact, before this NBA, there were many unicorns, the bozingis was a unicorn, and the alphabet song might be a unicorn, but few people mentioned Anthony Davis.

At that time, it will pass. This time, the playoffs and the finals let me feel that Anthony Davis is really a unicorn, and his performance in the defensive end is something I have never seen in history. No player can lead the other side’s guard and flank in the outside like him.

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Bring the team into overtime, in fact, the championship trophy may not be won

The championship trophy is also faced with a very big challenge from the thunder. In the following 13 years, it can be said that he won such a championship trophy that he should have lost. Facing the Spurs, he was 5 points behind with eight seconds left in the sixth game. If it wasn’t for Ray Allen’s three victories today.

In fact, the championship trophy may not be won if the team is brought into extra time. In the second year after returning to Cavaliers in 2016, he led Cavaliers to finish in the situation of being 1-3 behind, which can be said to be the biggest reversal in the history of the finals in the seventh game.

No.13: the strongest warriors in history won the championship trophy at home. In fact, that trophy is one of the few in history in terms of weight and difficulty. This year, although many fans will say that the Lakers did not encounter any real challenge in the whole playoff journey, we think it is traditional.

It’s good to meet a strong team, the clippers or the reindeer, but it has to be said that the Lakers have played in every round. It can be said that they have normal or beyond the level of performance, especially the heat, not to mention the challenges in and out of the field in this bubble environment

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As like as two peas this season, I think it’s very difficult to get into the East.

So next season, I think their bottom line should be to pass the second round of the playoffs. If they can pass the second round of the playoffs, they have already completed their tasks. If, they can, they will be considered as good results. I think this entry into the finals should be the goal of the 76ers’ team next season, but.

If the team as like as two peas in this season, I think it’s a very difficult thing to enter the East and I think the team needs to be rebuilt. In fact, it is more long-term. Indeed, there are many talented young people on the team, but it is the salary space of the team. Now it is the most urgent action for the league, but next season.

All the wages on the team’s books add up, is it the second highest in the league in the off-line season or the second highest in the league? The next season is already the highest salary list of the league. In a modern League, the salary cap will shrink now, and the team’s income is very urgent.

Every year, one of the highest wages in the Avengers League still plays basketball. Oh, I am satisfied with basketball after the first round this year. I think this is something that any boss can’t accept. Moreover, the team now has two young people who are playing in the same year, and the transaction value is very high. If I put these two people together now and together for one year, it will be a year to make up the gap.

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He was on the Suns at his peak

The other thing I want to say is that at that time, we knew that he was at the peak of his career under dantoni, so his style of playing was mainly offensive. He must have learned a lot from him in this cave, and we know that the nets played against Cavaliers after the return of Owen and Durant The offensive weapon is.

It’s very, very rich, so I think it’s very likely that Durant Owen will be fully developed in this respect at that time, including lewell and low positioning. If we can maximize the offensive ability of these players, we will be the most ornamental team in the League next season.

I don’t want to contact with you. In fact, I would like to add that in the history of NBA, a successful coach has been transformed from a player. I think a very important factor is the player’s basketball IQ, so there is always room for this role transformation, so I think that is in this aspect.

There are advantages and without exaggeration, that he should be the NBA in the past 20 or 30 years of all the players who have played basketball, basketball IQ must be in the first level, so if any other player to immediately change careers in the first year, coach ah, there is no real coaching or assistant coach experience at all.

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You can be the best team in the East without thinking about chemistry

We can become the top team in the East without considering the chemical reaction, and our biggest worry about the nets is the health problems of Owen and Durant, and they are relatively brittle, but harden’s beard is famous for his endurance, especially in the regular season.

It’s terrible to think about it, but the only thing I think we’re worried about is that we’re worried about harden. It’s some of his off-site hobbies, right? We know that New York is full of wine and wine.

The world’s nightlife is very rich. Does it mean that Hadden’s temptations outside the stadium will affect his performance on the court? I feel that you are old-fashioned. In recent years, harden’s off-site news is actively training.

I don’t think he was the prodigal son of that year. When we recorded this program, there was still no final conclusion on the Hadden deal. Then I want to ask you two, do you think that Hadden will stay in the Rockets’ lineup for one month before the start of next season.

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