Bynum turned back

O’Neal is also right, dry, ha, after going to the heat, O’Neal went to the heat and played with the Lakers in the last game to answer a question: O’Neal played Bynum, played, ah, Bynum turned back and asked to play O’Neal.

It seems that the 20 players who want to keep wet are still the ones who want to keep wet, even if there are 20 players who want to keep wet, even if there are 20 players who want to keep wet, I still think that there are still some players who want to work with him. The 20 players are just pretending. Now, if we want to catch up with them, I don’t think I can catch up with them. I remember right, Howard also got a lot of 20 plus 20 scoring rebounds. Well, er, in order to take advantage of Shaquille O’Neal, a giant inside player, he is now in the league. I can’t see it. Ah, unless I can change this rule one day, the first thing is to change the devil’s. second, we have to wait for many years. Ah, many, many years. This kind of player is once in a few decades. If you can meet him, you should feel lucky, just like Curie. These young players, such as the lamp, the young generation of modern and contemporary players, are once in a few decades. It’s really rare. There are few roses. In this way, they can break Robson’s record, right? Harden can break Jordan’s record this year, right? Kuri creates his own record.

It’s only once in a few decades. It’s really rare. But, ah, ten years, ten years, twenty years later, it’s a once-in-a-decade encounter. Ah, if you encounter this kind of, um, James, it may be 50 years, 50 years.

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In front of the Celtic team

Hofford is to play with cleverness, your enbid is to suffer losses without experience, the playoff experience is also, comparison, shallow right, but as its owner, this is the heart, the pillar, he is the advantage point, must play even if you eat now. Thanks to you, playing 40% and 50% of the hit rate is actually not much change for the game. Four out of ten and ten out of ten means that even if you make 20 shots, 8 out of 20 and 20 kinds in each game, the two balls can be found in any round, which is the NBA.

In front of the Celtic team, create, kill, and your advantage points. If, not on the field, if your advantage points can not play a role in restraining, you will have lost half of the first, so to say, the 76ers, whether they play well or not, will be in Changsha, which is absolutely not allowed to use, this is a tactical point. So, for this kind of team with inside line, er, this nuclear weapon, it must start from those who play. 100% of it starts from that. In the case of fierce inside line and advantage, the outside players can work hard and work hard. Then, if ambid. Later, when the game was not good, the game was very difficult, and the people who went to it were right. So we had to start from this fundamental point. Ah, the core of the team must be the absolute core of the NBA. There is no doubt about it. Therefore, it is still technical to play in the playoffs, and then to the end after the playoffs

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How many soldiers are there!

Under normal circumstances, we play a big four small, the lineup now we should pay attention to Gordon has played from the guard position to the front line, last season Gordon was playing back three guards and three front belts, playing Gordon is in the guard position, Gordon has reached the risk in this season. The lack of Fengxian’s position has become an important problem. Now we can only use songs and songs. Gordon is going to play the main role. So, er, now, chest, after coming here, can we fight the Rockets back to the original lineup? It’s hard to say.

If it is, we can’t return to the original lineup, or in other words, there is not enough playing time to take up the main starting position. For example, wood, this deal is just to balance Wright’s deal, and it does not play a decisive role. Ah, we should have a look. We should go and have a look. Then the Rockets say No.1 and No.2 positions to us. Paul and harden, now little rivers entrusted with a heavy responsibility in the playoffs are likely to get a certain playing time, ah, time is not much, maybe seven or eight minutes ten minutes like this, then in Fengxian this position can basically determine that these are just a few people, Tucker home, Gordon is the theme of the iron fight. Greenplus, fario’s, this is able to rotate in position three, we said that 2345 is actually one position

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Ray Allen is Glen Robinson

I remember the first record of the league. I remember that it was true that Garnett was also a successful transformation. Kassel was also a cruel character in those years. Before that, ah, he was equipped with ah Ray Allen, and Ray Allen was also a big three in bucks. Cassell, the name of Ray Allen is Glen Robinson. These three players are the players. Maybe many fans don’t know that they can’t reach a resonance, right? So we should tighten the position of modern basketball players and modern basketball players. So, including now the Laker’s James, alonzopol’s not playing, Rondo resting on the court, James Durant and James Ingram KUZ, the mahhardt family selling chickens. Who do you say plays point guard and who controls the ball. Right? It’s hard to say who plays the No.1 position, but you know him. He is the organization of small forward, right? Then your understanding of him is enough to organize small forward. Don’t stick to position. The concept of position is very vague.

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Sir Alex is basically locked in

It’s another thing, right? After education, we’ll see again. The Spurs have salary space, and they say they should cherish it. But I think the Spurs’ ability to operate big players is limited. This level doesn’t mean this level. This stinginess on money can be equivalent to Magic Johnson’s trade. The poor level is not willing to spend money, there is willing to spend money, this, er, the operation ability is poor, basically, so we say that the Spurs are definitely playing the playoffs, right? You see, so far, um, 36 years old.

This is my king’s team, 32 points and 31 points. Ah, it’s still behind the market. Ah, I can’t catch up with the intelligence quotient. The Wangwang team can’t catch up with it. If you want to follow, you can’t catch up with the clippers of 353636 liters this season. Well, Sir Alex is basically locked in. It’s very stable, very stable. Well, there are 20 games to go against four or four lengths. How to catch them? Unless there is a losing streak of five in a row, six in a row and eight in a row. Is it possible? It’s impossible. It was in February. And the schedule behind the seemingly good spurs is the best. I went to see the best

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NBA development witness the transformation of great sports!

When we talk about ratings, you should first know what ratings are, and then you need to know whether their statistics are in the United States or worldwide. Thank you for making sure that these two sports are about to talk about your high ratings. How much coverage is the most important thing. For example, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games has high ratings. How much coverage is it? How much coverage does it have? I told you that I can give it to you at any cost. Because so many countries participate in so many countries, and those poor countries, how much money do you sell to calculate the broadcasting rights can also be regarded as losing.

It’s very good that African countries can participate in the war. You can say that they are 250 million, 350 million, 1 billion and 8 billion, which is more or less appropriate. So basically, they will give them to you, and you will strip them. It is very normal for them to have high ratings, but as professional boxing. Professional basketball is generally not enough to be measured by this, er, this standard. At that time, ah, in 1996, 97, 98, when we started to watch the ball, we said that we said today that NBA games were all split up for you to see. The boxing championship was held at noon on Sunday. Even if it was sports news, it was called split bill of lading. It was a bit forgotten. If the memory is not so good, you can’t take it down. You know, the boxing championship can’t be interrupted. The NBA game is in the front. It’s all rounder. It’s over

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It was a fierce game. The Pacers and Celtics had three minutes left in the third quarter, 80-80, but it was very fierce. I guess ah, I think, ah, finally, to reach the final moment, we said before, then we don’t talk about the team outside the playoffs. Ha, there is no need to talk about it. There are not many fans and no one cares about it. Now we will focus on the mutual relationship between these teams within the post-season. The 16 teams, that is to say, the long-term team is ah, er, a little bit. Basically, the 76ers vs. the Pacers and the Celtics have become a group. So we can say in advance, then we can say.

You don’t want to see the Pacers finish playing football, but this team is still very tenacious. He doesn’t rely on the ability of other players’ stars, the brilliance of this star, and so on. It just depends on the strategy and tactics. It’s not totally wrong. These players, er, er, how to say that they have self-knowledge, know their own essence, know how much their ability is, and display their greatest ability. That’s why I have reached the present level. Good results, including last year, are the same. How can Celtic team not go up but down instead? Now they run to the fifth position in the East. With so many excellent young players, including Owen, this team is not as good as expected. The essence of the team, ah, was slowly found out, saw him, revealed the background color, saw the true colors of these teams, what kind of team are they

The walkers and Celtic must be a bloodbath!

James publishes his autobiography

I’ll do what I want. I think it’s not like that. It’s a mature performance now. Do you think that James is still like this? Durant is still like this every day. He is not mature enough. How do you think James can still be the same now? When you look at the day when James publishes his autobiography, he will criticize his practice at that time and regret his doing so. He is young and unreasonable. I think we are the most important person in the world.

You think you can talk nonsense. No, Himalaya will regulate our rules. We can’t talk nonsense. You can’t have you. You shouldn’t be. You can’t be. You can’t be. You can’t be. You don’t have the ability. As James, you need to be controlled. There need to be rules and regulations about her life and all his actions. All her ideas need someone to follow. Young people are prone to make mistakes. Thousands of mistakes are made in this press conference. It’s not wrong for the media to do this kind of news conference every day

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Durant fans realized

Because the thunder can’t climb to the fourth place without the ground bar, it’s impossible to meet the warriors. So, who do you think these people are? Whose fans stand on. It goes without saying that the thunder warriors fans, curry Durant fans realized that I can say very directly that the thunder team is terrible. I don’t want to meet the thunder in advance. There are rockets to say. I personally think the West. The two teams are the most able to fight with the warriors. The other teams are basically the ones who are cut by the warriors. If you play 4-1, even if it’s a big favor to you, basically, up to 4-2, you can admit your greatness. If you are a pioneer team, you can play. At the same time, it’s four to two, right? Two to four. We’ve already acknowledged your greatness. Haha, basically, it’s like this. Then we didn’t say in our program that the Rockets must take the second place. It’s just that the Rockets can climb to the second and beat the thunder until the eighth season.

Meet the warriors ahead of time, so that the warriors can fight for opportunities and time for the Rockets in the attrition war and the attrition war in the playoffs. This is very important. Now, don’t worry. Thunder may also come to the eighth season. Well, I haven’t calculated this, because, er, the competition system of each year has changed in the past two years, and I haven’t studied it carefully. Then I just judge through common sense, who is in the front and who is in the later in the case of equal record, so it is possible for a and B teams.

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Steady pioneer!

Let’s talk about the ball on the 15th. In the last program, we talked about the Pacers vs. the Celtics. There’s something that I forgot to mention. This program is just talking about it. Maybe for the teams at that time, ah, compared with the front four teams in the East and the top three teams in the East, the attack firepower of these teams was weak, which was mainly due to his good defensive habits or good defensive construction, which could achieve the current performance, including training. But this kind of performance, so he is a team that pays more attention to defense than attack. In other words, the attack firepower of the team emptied in front of the top four in the East is relatively poor in front of the top four in the East. Ah, it is relatively poor in front of the top four in the East. Therefore, I personally think that the advantage of the pacer is not obvious.

The Pacers are supposed to rely on defense to consolidate their position in the East. Now, when the Celtic team’s attack firepower is not strong enough, it’s a defensive battle. So the Celtics have the absolute advantage to sweep the Pacers 4-0. I don’t believe it. Let’s talk about the thunder team. For the trailblazers, this game is also very concerned. No matter it’s the secret of thunder, thunder black is very concerned. Durant fans hope that the thunder team can take a round of tour, right? Er, this thunder fan. Well, Paul George fans or the Laker fans also hope that thunder will sweep away the round of tournaments. In the end, Paul George will never have the possibility of the playoffs. In fact, the mind should be enlarged a little bit. The fans of the Lakers, the fans of James, the fans of Durant, right? It’s impossible to enlarge the mind a little

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