Best defensive one or two!

In the morning, I just got up and brushed it again. The news reported an article about the best defense. The heat lost in the first and second innings. In the past two days, I will think of broadcasting some awards. Ah, these are the awards mentioned. It’s no big accident. Ah, five players, namely, gobel and George, and the first three players of kumblet and Matt are the best defensive players. It’s normal for them to be selected in Zhejiang. However, we have to say that the best defensive player and the best defensive player are not necessarily in the best defensive lineup. But now it is normal to enter the frame and not to be on the side. It doesn’t matter.

Now I reward those players, ah, Kunbao, Paul, George, ah, they should not appear in the list of the best defensive moments, and should be given to those who have made great efforts. Among the players who enjoy, don’t get, what kind of attention? From my point of view, this kind of award is labor award. It’s a labor award. It’s not high in gold. Let’s go over it once in a while. The main thing is, the two players at the back think it’s Saudi Arabia and they think it’s Brad sosmert. We know, ah, there’s no big problem. They’re the core of Celtic’s outside defense. This player is good at defense all the time. I can say the Celtic team. Most of the territory, defense, and mountains are carried by smart. Well, when everyone comes back to the playoffs, he can’t do it, and he has to come out. Ah, no fight, er, er, but that’s what happens after he comes out

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Leonard Durant is a general

These, the ability of the players, are all because of the ability of point guard harden and Paul, so improve, but every individual, take it out, in other teams, in other teams can not mix up what kind of situation, you, like Ariza, the same regional network, how the wizards can play what level? That’s all. So point guards, we have always said that a team can be promoted, and everyone in a team can be promoted. A good point guard can focus and quantify the abilities of all the players. Like James, ah, just now, we discussed the difference between James and Leonard and Durant in the group. It is very simple.

This is a handsome talent. Leonard Durant is a general. I’m sorry to interrupt. There are many things, ah, so a player like James is a handsome talent. It can improve the ability of every player, ah, Durant and Liang. It’s always generals. Generals can fight against each other, but they have a weak ability to control the overall situation and preside over the overall situation. In analogy with players like James, so Paul is also like this, that is to say, we say it is to divide the type of ball, not to say that Paul is better than Durant than Leonard. For such a player, he controls the ball on the control panel. Therefore, the improvement of other players’ ability in the team is directly related to him. If the point guard of a team is not good, this team unless there are super stars and stars, unless you have a good tactical system, otherwise you can’t play well in this team. Why, the Suns have been looking for a good point guard this year, right? It’s hard to find a good point guard, because the team is strong and strong, and all the players in all positions are well equipped, which is worse than a good point guard.

After the playoffs, we are on the road to rejuvenation

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Zhuge Liang can’t be a soldier when he comes

Just before this season, whenever the Jazz fell behind, coach Schneider had to adjust. The first thing he emphasized was defense. That was the soul of jazz. But now it is the people who can attack. If you can’t prevent it, it doesn’t matter. Let’s attack each other.

Of course, I’m not saying that coach Schneider is not good. Coach, you have to make a proper play according to the lineup. It’s hard for a clever woman to cook without rice. Zhuge Liang can’t be a soldier when he comes.

In this era, if you want to attack, you have to have three points, especially against a team with a lot of reserves on the inside. The Jazz’s three points are really good this season, and all the data about the three points are among the top.

But their most important three-point point Bogdanovic was injured. When he was there, he had to make 7.3 three-point shots per field, with a shooting rate of 41.4%. Bogdanovic’s position in the Jazz can’t be replaced, and his reimbursement is like breaking the arm of the jazz.

If one arm is broken, we can only look at the other arm. Mitchell is bound to take on more offensive responsibilities of the team. Fortunately, no one in the Lakers can catch Mitchell, and the Jazz can break through a lot of points on the outside.

If the Lakers put too much force into Mitchell’s body, he broke in and then separated the ball. For example, Conley, Clarkson and ingers could break through the ball twice with the ball. At this time, the whole defense line of the Lakers was basically torn apart.

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A warrior’s life is thin and his fortune is shallow!

Let’s talk about, um, the third game between the Raptors and the warriors. Er, let’s talk about the players’ injury list. It’s already out. As we said before, ah, then Rooney of the rockets and warriors, ah, this rib cartilage fracture, um, indefinite suspension, there are many reports before the game that said it’s OK, X-ray examination is negative, no structure, damage, nothing, right, many. It’s all rumor. It’s all rumor. The cold hasn’t been checked yet. It hasn’t been tested by MRI. How can you evaluate it? It’s OK. Don’t believe in science. Ah, just believe in your own handwriting.

Yes, pseudo science, ha ha, don’t believe in science, so now it’s an indefinite suspension. I just said that, I can’t come out, ah, fracture, whether you are cartilage or hard bone, no matter which bone fracture you have, can’t come out, right? I believe there are friends who have broken bones should know. If you don’t say it now, it doesn’t make any sense to pay for reimbursement. If you don’t, you have to pay wrong before reimbursement. Ah, with this, smoke bombs may still be able to fight and roar, but the opponent will definitely not be able to fight. If it is true, now, oh, I don’t know whether Yongshi team is honest or not. Right? If you are honest, for example, there are two things. First, Rooney must not be able to play, right? Don’t think about it. First, Rooney is not the key to win. Turn over, it used to be. Second, Thomson, it’s a hamstring strain now. If it’s true, the situation is the third game. He can’t fight. Ah, I told him clearly that he can’t fight when he gets up. He says that it’s not good to fight. He also says that he can fight with injuries. This is not a matter of a word. It doesn’t mean that you can fight with me if you take it

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Brave men fail Durant!

Let’s discuss Durant’s injury problem, Durant’s injury problem, and then talk about his personal views on warriors. The fans of curry, their views, ah, who has the opinion of curry, you have to look at Thomson. It’s just the view of the warriors, which is extremely evil, er, a word, ah, blah blah, direct, everywhere. The theme of this program, ah, extreme, evil, um, how to say. Well, I personally think, after watching this video repeatedly, I think, er, if it’s what I said from the manager, it’s the Achilles tendon injury. How come there are only two kinds of Achilles tendon tear or root tip exercise.

Well, I believe Durant fans don’t want to. If one or two of them must be chosen, e, Achilles tendon tear, I can barely accept it, but those who go and watch this action repeatedly, this high-speed camera playback, leg shaking is quite serious. The lower leg, shaking, quite severe, er, and before the force, ah, before the law, or in a static state, shaking in the static state, well, the possibility of Achilles tendon rupture should be. French Achilles tendon tear, but, through Durant’s expression, we can see that there is not too much pain, because generally speaking, the Achilles tendon tear or exercise will definitely hurt, it will certainly hurt, so it is very likely that the nerve endings. He is in a state of paralysis. Why is he in a state of paralysis? I, now we should be able to distinguish clearly. Ah, Durant probably was forced to accept it, and a lethal needle was injected

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he answer is coming!

The big center of the Laker team, the middle is the young big center. At the end of this season, the end of the season, and the middle of the season, some netizens said, can such a good young player stay with the Lakers to trade and work. Like, I told you about this kind of player. In the case of the three giants in the Laker team, other players can match. It doesn’t matter. Moreover, these young players who play outside the contract period, play in the rookie year, bend the rookie contract, all want the big contract, and the Laker can’t afford it or can’t give it.

No, ah, that’s the most important thing. You can’t give these contracts. So it doesn’t make any sense for you to leave the wall. It doesn’t matter whether England or the mother are involved. One is that when ram finishes the 19-20 season, it’s also necessary for them to give the top star players. There is no room for them to give them. So, as we said before, Ingram is bound to finish this season. There is no doubt that if you want to leave the Laker team, there is no doubt that the Rockets are the fourth junior of the Lakers, that is, the last season of 18-19 seasons. It is right to tell us that it is impossible to be together. Pants? Hartbor, these three players are likely to stay in the team. England is out of the question. As we all said in previous programs, Ingram is the most valuable transaction. Therefore, it is imperative for the Lakers to make a deal in the summer. Ingram is also imperative. Leaving the Lakers as the main bargaining chip is the main core of the deal.

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100% only waiting for signing!

These rumors have become less and less, and now there are some new York Knicks. That’s all, that’s all. With the announcement of this news today, the education of the eagles and the warriors has been improved. Basically, it can be judged that 100% Durant will stay in the warriors for at least the next season, at least for the next season. I think it is reasonable to sign a 1 + 4 contract. Ah, it is normal to sign a qualitative contract for five years. Why do you say that.

I can see that my netizens have left a message, right or wrong. I personally think, ah, something has happened. There are three new players in the second round of signing. This year, there are three rookies. Right? It’s to leave space for Durant and Thomson’s contract. In fact, it’s half right. That’s a wrong interpretation. It’s not like this. We have to know, ah, if we sign Durant, if Thompson signs curry now, and aquili has signed the top salary, and every team of Thomson Brant has reached the top salary of three players, which team is basically out of space, right? If we want to fake it. Under the operation, only the rookie veteran and, middle class, contract can fill all the 15 contracts of the team. Then the contract of veteran with base salary is basically impossible. These fellow villagers can only get very low salary.

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Which account is the most cost-effective?

So. Maybe for some owners, the daily expenses of the club, the daily expenses, the air tickets, the accommodation, the travelling expenses, all of which will be reduced, but the reduction of the number of games also means less fans entering the sports. If there are no fans in the stadium, then how can they buy Uniforms and tickets? How can they consume these ancillary products? They don’t have time and no more opportunities. So I think this is just for the fans.

In the taking stage, there needs to be a big data support. However, we can calculate the team’s expenses, the league’s expenses, the income, the expenditure and the income. Which account is the most cost-effective? Is it to earn more by playing more or by playing less. This needs to be calculated, so now, just for discussion, I think it is a long process to put it into practice. Fans and friends need not worry too much about next year or 82 games, the year after that or 82 games until 2029. Away game, never waver

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Bucks big Sammy knife!

Now it’s reported that Middleton is staying. No problem. As we said before, it’s impossible to go. How many tons can go? Bloom and Gordon leave is also a very small probability. The Bucks this season, this summer, is to deal with these contracts well. How many tons are 178 million in five years and have not received the base salary. You are almost the same. The children’s songs are almost the same. For the good purchase of the team and the success of next year, you have to figure out the contract of Kun Bao. You can’t make the contract of letter Kun Bo smaller,

31.8, ah, blog, all 20 million, ah, Middleton’s, well, 30 million plus, such a Kun Bao, next year’s contract, then leave these three players, other players, that doesn’t matter, ah, can, trade, bradeso, that’s even better. If the deal doesn’t come, let’s see if it can. Sharing the mainland, configuration, ah, now, the news is too much, um, he is really too much. Excuse me, the player is too much to watch. A little bit, but your landing knight is already an accurate one and needs to leave the road repair team. Ah, it’s a pity

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the same as that of James and Anthony Davis

For a long time, the same as that of James and Anthony Davis, although the combination also has competition, but their competitiveness is not long. The main reason is that as for the age of James, the Rockets are also the same. So let’s not talk about the warriors because Thomson will be possible in March next year. Pay so how the whole competitive state is, I don’t know now it’s too early to draw a conclusion, then the Western four should be, ah, regardless of the order, the Los Angeles Clippers, rockets, and, jazz, then the warriors can Thomson fire line return to have a good state. If, in some cases, the warriors are also a very competitive team, we should pay attention to it, mainly because of Thomson. If Thomson can play normally, the warriors still have a very competitive troika, which is very strong. Don’t underestimate it. Although its strength was lost to this year’s playoffs. The Raptors are fighting for their lives. As we said before, it is an inevitable trend for Leonard to leave the Raptors. Los Angeles, Shuangxiong, is ahead of the Raptors. Ah, at least in this point, we are not wrong. The Raptors have collapsed. We said that the Raptors will collapse next season.

Now, there are a lot of netizens who are still talking about it. It’s not easy. Ah, it’s not easy to discuss Paul George’s dissatisfaction. I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s just a matter of personal feelings to understand. Ah, there’s no need for business

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