The Laker missile, a show that ended in a dead end

Now that we have made this deal, we still need to look from the heart. There are enough players in the dream here. In fact, there are more players. Well, the piston’s affectation and Cleveland’s love are all ideal, of course. I think, oh, the Blazers see their own problems, mainly because it’s difficult to trade. We’ve seen one or two goals. Ah, the Blazers sometimes make some strange formations. They leave Buddha to play as centers. Ah, it’s a monster. Well, it’s a way for him to change, because it’s also to see those. There is a big problem. We need to add this. Let’s turn it over or talk about it first. The Lakers and the missiles are against this. The Lakers won this game. The game is not proud. The missile team loses. There is no shame for the Lakers. I didn’t say he is now. Playing any opponent is a normal mentality. I don’t want to be competitive for a short time. I want to play the playoffs. I’m going to play the finals. I’m going to win the cup. It’s the most important thing to keep a good life. Anthony Davis is a wake-up call for the Lakers. The health of players is particularly important.

From this point of view, the Clippers’ method is correct, but now Oh, oh, the attendance rate of virtue is also very high. For several consecutive games, they are all high attendance and high shooting times. To take a look at the clippers, I respect you for leading the team with single core. Of course, Luwei has played very well recently. He played very well. His head and melon are clearer. Ah, the cooperation with Halier is getting better and better. I observed that Lu Wei actually climbed to the position of the team’s internal attack assistant king. He basically played with Halier. The two brothers are the same as above and the second general of hem and ha, so it is not too much for the fans of the missile team. Go, why, because the missile told us that she was against any team in the league, any team. Of course, we mean the standard strong team within the playoffs. So, there’s no need to say more about Weiqiao, right? It’s good for two all stars to fight these fake strong teams, just for some of the standard strong teams. As for the standard teams such as the clippers and so on, the victory of the Lakers is controlled at 50%, and no one can say that they can take advantage of it. So I think I don’t need to pay much attention to it. You can just watch it as an ordinary game. In the end, it’s very important to play in the post-season or fight for one state.

Iguodala can’t let go

Warriors, grizzlies, Curie godala Morant, Dillon Brooks, a special program is also a hot topic nowadays. I believe everyone has watched it. If there is something wrong, I hope you can point it out to me. What? The incident is now about what is the cause of the door-to-door relationship between curry and Morant, mainly due to a Dalang. The Grizzlies’ contradiction, we know that in the summer of this year, last summer, the warriors sent a Dallas to the Grizzlies. At that time, Grizzlies and igdala had a verbal agreement. If I remember correctly, you can also read the materials.

Not long ago, the Grizzlies and igordala had a verbal agreement, that is, the Grizzlies, silent. Before the trade deadline, before February 7, igudara doesn’t need to play for the Grizzlies, so they don’t need to play games, but they can. It’s home. You can train at home. At that time, because of the trade now, the deadline is approaching. The Grizzlies are eager to get a Dalla. Before, igordala’s price was the first round. If you have the first round, let’s talk about it. Don’t touch a fight in the first round, but we know, er, this is impossible to achieve, grizzlies, that is, a bid price. You can come to talk about it. This is a bid price, not a real price. Therefore, as the deadline for trading is approaching slowly, the Grizzlies have released their expectations. In other words, we don’t need it now. We can also talk about the first round of signing. Then, the value of Dalai is reflected. There are also many teams who cast olive branches. Ah, they are in favor of a waxing team. As we all know before, a Dalang player clearly indicates that he needs to join in, a champion team, and a team that can compete for the championship team

the Moroccan national football

This evening, the Moroccan national football team will make its debut in the world cup. The nickname of the Moroccan national football team is ataras, and the lion is in charge of the Royal Moroccan Football Association. The historical performance of Moroccan football is actually good. In the history of African football, the first team to reach the final stage of the world cup is the team, which was in Mexico in 1970 and also the first team to win the group’s first place in the final stage of the world cup. That’s the record of Mexico world cup in 1986. They have an absolute say. Although Morocco has made good achievements in the history of the world cup, this African team has been away from the stage of the world cup for 20 years. The last time Morocco was selected for the world cup, ah, it was back to the first round of the group match in 1998. They led twice.

Under such a good situation, they actually gave each other two hands and an own dragon gift. Finally, Norway drew 2-2 dramatically, which directly led to the team’s failure to qualify even though they beat Scotland 3-0 in the final round. At the same time, Morocco’s last World Cup was very similar to Ronaldo, the alien. In the group match, Monaco played against Brazil. It was in this game that Ronaldo scored his first goal in the world cup. Although Morocco won a ticket to the Russian World Cup, Moroccan football, in fact, is not a special development. Compared with other African brother teams, Moroccan football has always been in the position. It can be suppressed. Even if this kind of underdevelopment and level of Moroccan enthusiasm for football, it still hasn’t reduced the street in Morocco.

MLB non first round players can be stars

In 2020, MLB Major League draft conference of American professional baseball came to an end, and each team achieved something, and the first round draft attracted the public’s attention. Detroit Tigers picked third baseman Spencer toxson of Arizona State University in the first round. However, there is not only one round of draft, nor only the first round of talent is the guarantee of strength. In MLB, there are many stories of non first round talent playing a famous role, and which non first round talent may play a famous role this year? Which star is not from the first round? Let’s look at them one by one.

Golden Glove Award, silver bar award, MVP of Meilian, the award is soft

Mookie Betts, the 172nd pick in the fifth round of the Boston Red Sox 2011 draft.

From now on, the 2011 draft will undoubtedly be the most powerful one in recent years, and even have a name in the strongest discussion in history. The first round alone produced many superstars that are now well-known, such as Anthony Rendon who just signed a super contract, Francisco Lindor, the guerrilla tactics of Cleveland, and so on. But the most dazzling one was Bates who was picked by Red Sox in the fifth round.

Seahawk and crow intend to sign a contract to take over Antonio brown

Last season, Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) played only one game, after which he was banned due to a series of off-site problems. Still, Brown’s talent and ability over the past few years has given him the chance to fight for a second chance.

On Tuesday, us time, according to the NFL Network reporter, Seahawk and crow are having internal discussions and intend to sign the former best team level outside to take over.

“The teams are sniffing,” the reporter said. Antonio Brown is training with Seahawk backup quarterback geno Smith and Seattle are interested in signing him. Crows have Brown’s cousin, Marquise brown, and they’ve tried before. “

Brown has got into a lot of trouble when he has no ball to play. Teams who want to sign must think about it first. Crow’s current lineup includes brown, miles Boykin and Willie Snead. Seahawks have Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf and Phillip Dorsett. If the application for reinstatement is approved, Josh Gordon may also join Seahawk.

Is the regular season MVP important to Leonard?

I think many things are very complicated. Don’t say that the regular season is not important, but for example, last year’s regular season in the East, it is obvious that there is nothing to fight between seats. You said that the regular season ranking is of course very important for the western team. The Rockets are the efforts of the whole season, from the perspective of their own control, destroyed in the last game. MVP is of course a very important honor, but whether MVP can be won is mainly reflected from the desire of the team for regular season, not whether the player wants to or can not. So on the other hand, if the Clippers want to win the championship next year, it is impossible to casually ignore the advantages of home and away, get a regular season 5678 and lie down in the playoffs, and then give you a big bang.

How about the three opponents in the west before the finals can make you two teams in the finals. No matter the clippers or the Lakers in the 19th season, Leonard and James need to contribute more than last few seasons. Of course, they will be more competitive in the MVP competition. It’s no surprise that they won. It’s not that they don’t think it’s unimportant, but they do. It’s the interests of the team first, and then the personal honor of the stars Zhi, after all, stars and teams are also tied with deep interests.

Security guard Karim Jackson positive for new crown virus

YEMA security guard Kareem Jackson told reporters on Wednesday that his new coronavirus test was positive.

Jackson, who has been training in Houston recently, was tested this morning. He said he had flu like symptoms, chills and congestion in the past few days.

Jackson is the second Mustang player to report positive results. Von Miller, the 50th Super Bowl MVP, was also diagnosed, but he recovered at the end of April.

Jackson played 13 games last season, finishing two steals.

Zanmontgomery: a Swiss Army knife

Ty Montgomery was not restricted by his position. He played running guard, took over from outside and attacked many times.

The saints who signed for him in the offseason saw that. Although they listed them as running guards, they did not intend to let Montgomery specialize in a certain position.

“What I saw was a Swiss Army knife,” said running coach Joel Thomas. It would be a great mistake to just sit there and peep through the tube and limit him to a single position. “

Montgomery has worked for packers, ravens and jets for five years, pushing 1035 yards to the ball and 982 yards to catch it. “Poor data can’t be used to judge my ability,” he tweeted recently

What if the baseball rule changed to run clockwise?

There will be no change in the scene, which is equivalent to making a symmetrical reversal of the baseball game video you see now. The biggest change is that the mirror image reversal (from 3B SS 2B 1b to 1b 2B SS 3b) of 4 players in infield may have the following effects on players’ form:

  1. Pitcher: because left handers are less than right handers, left handers are less than right handers. The current rule has the advantage of watching first base for left handers. If the direction of running base is opposite, right handers are easier to watch first base. Then, base stealing will be greatly reduced based on the base number of right handers.
  2. Catcher: now, the catcher is almost all right-handed, because the body of the left hand catcher is slightly slightly to the right, you can clearly see the situation of base 1, and you can make a choice at the first time when the stealing base is started. If the base running direction is opposite, the catcher will become the main left-handed pitcher in the future.
  3. Infield player: 1b is not bad, but 23S is quite different. Now the two or three games are almost right-handed pitches, because after receiving the ball, you can pass to base 1 without turning in the opposite direction. If the base runs in the opposite direction, the two or three runs will all become left-handed pitches. 4. Fielder, there is no difference between China and foreign countries. The one who can run the most is you. There is a difference between the left and right fields. Now, the one with good passing strength will put the right field and the one with poor strength will put the left field. Because the left field is close to the third base. When facing the second base or the third base, the left fielder needs a little less passing distance than the right fielder when he needs to pass back to the third base or home base The worst defenders are usually 1b and LF If the base runs in the opposite direction, the players in the left and right fields should be able to exchange. But there’s almost no difference between a fielder’s left and right shots, which doesn’t matter.

Disclosure of whether the players will meet the deadline on June 24

Disclosure of whether the players will meet the deadline on June 24

On June 17, NBA legend charania reported on twitter that NBA players have been approved. Any player who chooses not to participate in the 2019-2020 quarter finals must notify her team on June 24. If he doesn’t miss a game, he will receive 1 / 92.6 less salary. However, any player who exercises this right will not be punished. According to previous reports, Owen, Bradley, Howard, Anthony, Mitchell and other players support not to play again, and who does not participate in the Final replay will be known in the next seven days.

In addition, charania also revealed that Walt Disney has arranged the hotels for the rematch team, and the hotels to be stayed will be divided into three according to the performance ranking. Bucks, Lakers, raptors, clippers, Celtics, Nuggets, jazz and heat will stay in Grand destino; thunder, 76ers, red team, walkers, lone Rangers, nets, Grizzlies and magic will stay in Grand destino Floridian; trailblazers, kings, pelicans, spurs, Suns and wizards will move to the yacht club.

Each team also has a maximum team size of 35, including: strength / fitness coach, equipment manager, team safety officer (illness), personal trainer, massage therapist, security personnel. That is to say, the maximum number of players from a team to Disney is 35.